Rosae: a new natural ecological wallpaper

Finding out a good idea is not easy.

I believe the right idea is the one that captures your attention, that fascinates, that makes you stop, look, and savor it. You do not have to appreciate it necessarily, but if it strikes and appeal …well, that’s the one!

Therefore my today’s proposal for “home fabrics/materials” section, is something that really struck me like an arrow.

It’s called Rosae.

Rosae is an innovative material created using the bloomed petals of roses that are no longer suited to be sold to market.

As you know, the beauty of the roses lasts only few days, but Zoubida Tulkens, a Dutch designer, has managed to capture the evanescent feature of this romantic flower to create a durable, special, unique product.

Zoubida collect the withered roses discarded by growers and, after removing the petals one by one, flattens these by using an iron. After that she sticks the petals on the upholstery sheets creating an artistic product with an unique texture and a great artistic value.

Just look at these pictures and fall in love with it.

“The future belong to those who belive in the beauty of theire dreams”. Eleanor Roosvelt




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