Triby, the new…house phone.

Invoxia is a French company that designs, develops and manufactures telecommunications systems. The company’s philosophy is to revise the communication through the creation of high-tech products.


The last-born product is called Triby: it is a review of the landline home phone.

It works in conjunction with smartphones using bluetooth and Wi-fi.

It is thought to be used especially in the kitchen, because as we know, the kitchen it is the environment families usually live more, and in which people are busy and may be unable to answer phone calls; that’s why it has a magnet that enables it to be attached to the refrigerator (as well as any other metal plate).


Triby is born mostly as a mean of communication, it also have a FM radio and a loudspeaker to let you listen your favorite music. It’s so simple to use that is perfectly suitable to be used by kids.

It has an integrated dual microphone system that allows a noise-free talk. Triby is thought to be used hands-free, especially when you have sticky fingers in the kitchen… This nice “square shaped” device lets you answer incoming calls by pressing just a small button and using the bluetooth system.


It also have a fantastic features: the electronic post-it.

From the smartphone you can send messages that will appear on the high-resolution displays integrated into Triby. So why the post-it?

Because as the message is received, a lateral plate is highlighted, it get illuminated and stays on until the message will be read. In this way you will be sure that no communication is lost.

On the display you can view drawings sent from a dedicated smartphone app; in this way even the smallest child in the family that is not able to read, will be indeed able to receive and send messages.


Recapping everything. Triby allows: to send and receive phone calls, text messages, listen the radio and your favorite music. It’s easy to use and comes with a battery that lasts for a month; its usage is intuitive and simple, that’s why it is a perfect object for the family.

The price? Affordable!!!! $ 199. I’m curious, I’m sue I will buy it. I like it so much!!!






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