Usually when you think of ecofriendly articles, you image products that are not well crafted; they are essentially “basic” on the details; and as they are made with rough materials, usually they don’t look nice.

How come there aren’t products little bit more “fashionable”?

Thanks to architect and industrial designer Giorgio Caporaso, we have had the pleasure to see artsy and precious ecofriendly furnishing product, that he exhibited at the “Salone del mobile Milano 2014 – Milano furniture fair-trade 2014”.

One of his new creation, named “Tappo” (as it’s resembles a cork), is a extremely nice looking multi purpose coffee table, made with cardboard.
It’s also a lamp that have have the possibility to recharge your portable devices.

Inside it, there is a built-in air filter, that can purify the air of the room.
Even the filter is made of paper, and have been treated with chitosan.

Just have a look at this pictures, and tell me what you think; I can say that it’s brilliant.



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