10 tips for a last minute unforgetable Valentine’s Day

I do not know if it is the same thing for you, but this day bring me back with memories to long time ago when Valentine’s Day was an opportunity to declare a secret love for someone or to realize an untold love with some symbolic gift.

Adolescent experiences.

Looking for a gift to buy with little money (the money available at that age were always a few), the indecision, the difficulty of finding the suitable gift idea, (especially if the recipient was one male) were able to make of this holiday, an important holiday. Worthy of every attention.

Age of big heartache.

Today I’m more inclined to look at this celebration, like a day to dedicate gently and romantically to the couple.

So I imagine a love journey throughout a thousand of attentions, full of symbols to focus on our love growth, and on our feelings.

Moments, simple facts of everyday life enriched by thousands of details:

you can begin, for example, with an elegant drink prepared on a table dressed up with great attention to decorative details, or set up in a bathroom decorated only with soft lighting or a thousand small candles around a warm bathtub;

again a table ready for a romantic tĂȘt Ă  tĂȘt, set up with flowers and red amenities to remind the joy and freshness of being together;

for a great final: a bedroom where win back the intimacy that belongs to our couple, where fulfill with romance and sweetness this day devoted to mutual love.

Take a look to steal some ideas and …. Enjoy your Valentine’s day.






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