A summer DIY swing idea

An easy to made swing that allows you to live nice relaxing moments, like reading a book or taking a nap together with someone you like.
I like a lot these DIY works using pallets because this is an easy to find material, and give you the opportunity to invent things and a lot of original ideas.
What do you think about this large swing?
An original and exotic relaxing station.

Try to image an hot summer day, with a light breeze, there you want to relax and enjoy it sitting in a porch, or under the fresh shade of big tree.

Follow me and I’ll explain you how to build this easy to make and useful swing.


    A pallet (or skid)
    2/4 wood beams
    A drill
    A saw
    Screws and screws with hook
    A rope or a chain
    A mattress and some cushions.

First, try to image the swing you want, so you can roughly define the dimensions.

Fasten the wood beams together with the pallets using the screws

Now, with the drill, make 4 holes in the pallets corners. This have to be large enough to pass the rope trough it.
If you use the chain instead of the rope, you will need to use the hooks to connect it to the pallets structure.
Thereafter link-tight the rope to a tree or the ceiling.

At the end, put on it the mattress, the cushions, and you will be ready to use it.
Enjoy it..



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