polka dot diy mug

a relaxing chore for the weekend

Are you planning to spend a weekend full of: ā€œI will not put my nose outside the house even for a minuteā€

You want to relax dedicating your free time doing something creative and enjoyable?

Look at what I’ve found for you. It so cute.

I liked it because it will be useful to me shortly. The market close to my home is doing the collection of shopping points with which you can collect a set of white pottery(mugs, cups, saucers …), but so white and so normal that I was undecided whether to embark in collecting point or no.

But now that I found this idea I will make sure to have those cups!

Follow the instructions and have fun:

You will need:

1) cups of the desired size;

2) colored nail polish that you like more;

3) cotton buds;

4) a plastic bowl or a disposable cup that you no longer use;

Once you have all this 4 very common working tools, you can start washing the cup accurately, dry it up and make sure the cup is not greasy. You can then proceed with a piece of paper on which you will start making some dots with the nail polish to test your ability and avoid making mistakes, then when you feel confident you can start painting the dots on the cup.

So: pour a little bit of nail polish in the container, dip the stick, without dipping it too much, and then start drawing the dots on the paper to figure out the color and size you want to paint on the cup. And after that start working on the cup.

My only advice is: If you, then, will use the mug to put liquids, to drink milk or any other beverage, avoid making polka dots where you will place the mouth.

Nail polish is not really edible.

You can also use nails polish of different colors.

In fact I’m showing you images with different inspirations in order to give you more than one idea.

Go on, be an artist and make a good job.



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