Tyre, use it again

-9 steps to recycle it-

There are so many ideas on the web but last cutting edge is ā€œTyre recycleā€.
This is a really smart idea, since millions of tyres are left annually in many plots waiting for disposal.

A lot of people who own little pieces of land, have for sure some tyre in it.
Well, come on!
Follow my instructions to create an elegant side table or a pouff, to use either in your living room or in a bedroom.

    You will need:
    1 tyre (how many you will realize?)
    2 pieces of plywood (one for the top, one for the base);
    4 screws
    hot glue
    ball of rope (length depends on tyre diameter)
    impregnating agent
    paint for fabrics (the color you like)
    paint brush

First of all: clean the tyre very well !
2) measure the diameter of it;
3) cut two piece of plywood of the right size ;
4) screw together plywood and tyre;
5) start to arrange the rope, fixing it with hot glue. Let someone helps you fixing the rope, spread the glue on the wood and put the rope on it. Use glue between each turn of rope.
6) turn the tyre upside down and carry on to wrap it up with rope, using the glue;
7) once you have covered the top and all the circumference, that’s it. You can avoid to wrap the base up;
8) you can start painting it of the colors you like;
9) apply impregnating agent all over the rope to homogenize and make it pleasant to the touch.

Here we go. Job is done!!!

Easy, isn’t it?

I’m sure you will enjoy this experience because it gratifies a lot.
Now you can have a new side table or a new pouff. Which one you prefer better?

People forget how fast you did the job, but remember how well you did it. Howard W.Newton


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