decore your home to celebrate and create joy

In view of Father’s Day I was thinking about the decoration of the dining table and the house in general, to create joy, freshness and … feast.

Over the internet there are many manufacturers and retailers, each with its own line of products and styles.

I have been captured by the colors and objects proposed by a Belgian company, which sells collections of decorating articles for the house, full of harmony and charm.

Jolipa, is a company founded in the 70s and still managed in a familiar way.

The proposals of Jolipa are always in step with the seasons, and are constantly updated with the changing trends.

Their main showrooms are in the Belgian cities of Marquain and Wevelgem, and are supported by a large number of sales agents throughout Europe.

What struck me in their collections, is the warmth and serenity that their products and their environments are able to convey, with charming colors and very particular stylistic apposition.

On their website you can find many pictures that surely will give you the same feeling I had.

Have a look.




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