Easter flower pot idea

Easter is really close. Just wait two weeks and Easter Day will knock on your door.
Welcome Springtime Holy day with colors and glee.
What is better than flowers to do that?
So let’s create a wood flower pot that you can use both in your garden and in your Easter table.
But you can choose to use it in any other way you would like.

Get five wood table.
Two of them: 2,5cm.thick x15cm.width x14cm height;
two : 2,5cm.thick x55cm.width x 14cm height;
one (the base): 2,5cm.thick x14cm width x 52 cm long;
The measure of the base depend on how much the other bar are thick.

Ok, well now you can start to fix the tables togheter passing trought two spiral finishing nails per side with the hammer.

Fix the bottom measuring the base table to check if it need to be reduced.

If it doesn’t you can start to insert the nails with the hammer paying attention that the nails are enough long to pass through two tables thickness and that they are going straight in the side table and not coming out in an another point

Well. Job has done!!!

Now you can fill it with flower pot of every kind or Easter’s eggs or….
…….. why don’t you tell me your idea?


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