Home textile 16 Feb 15
Rosae: a new natural ecological wallpaper

Finding out a good idea is not easy. I believe the right idea is the one that captures your attention, that fascinates, that makes you stop, look, and savor it. You do not have to appreciate it necessarily, but if it strikes and appeal …well, that’s the one! Therefore my today’s proposal for “home fabrics/materials” [ … ]

Home textile 20 Jan 15
Piñatex: last frontier of textile innovation

In the field of textiles, there are always a big number of news. We talked about milk fiber (homecuriosity) , yarn from orange waste, coffee, and bamboo fibers ( homecuriosity). And also about spider silk ( homecuriosity ) . These are all extraordinary innovations! This is the year of Piñatex. The natural material of 2015 !!! [ … ]

Home textile 10 Dec 14
dress up your home with rugs

When you plan to renovate, decorate and furnish a room, rather than the whole house, the first thing to be concerned about are usually the materials to use to cover walls and floor, the colors to give to the environment we want to furnish, and the atmosphere we would obtain. Cozy, warm , bright, spacious, [ … ]

Home textile 13 Nov 14
the spider weave his…silk

The ultimate textile.   Science is everywhere. To me everything comes from scientific research. There are people whose intuition can go beyond the visible, people how can imagine something that’s over the ordinary. With their hard research work, they can prove and perform what they see and understand before others. This is extraordinary. Day after [ … ]

Home textile 03 Nov 14

After the intelligent Exoskin Shirt, that is a shirt provided with sensor that could register data concerning the body physical activities like heartbeats and breathing (that can be bought already on the web), here you have another extraordinary product which took long time to be tested. This is a Smart Fabric Sensor, studied to “offer sensor expertise [ … ]

Home textile 13 Oct 14
Pillow sham: colorful, funny and home renovating

Pillow sham: colorful, funny and home renovating Sometimes you immediately need a cool and innovating idea, that can give a touch of delight to some of the part of the house, as the bedroom, the living or the kids room. In my opinion, the best way to give new identity to your rooms is to [ … ]

Home textile 09 Sep 14
Terrific…duvet cover

Don’t the world has a wild imagination? As I saw these beds my thought has been: Wow this is great! It’s so funny! Finally someone is thinking to go to bed with… humor and irony. Hobbies, passions, dreams are really taking shape in these bed linen. I like this idea, well… yes I like some [ … ]

Home textile 30 Jul 14
New dyeing technique

Water usage Today is textile news-day. Did you know that textile dyeing needs a massive use of water? When coloring textile, thousand liters of water are needed, together with huge amount of chemical substances, all this contribute in water pollution. Two companies from US: Air Dye and Color Zen and a Dutch company named DYECOO [ … ]

Home textile 16 Jun 14
Textile fabric from natural material

Since long time, fabric has been made usually from cotton, silk and sheep wool Now, with the development in research, scientists found new ways to turn natural-organic materials from plants in to textile. With the technology now available, textile can be obtained from: tobacco, orange fiber, banana fiber, bamboo, milk, palm tree, and others. All [ … ]

Home textile 06 May 14
Recharge on your……sofĂ !

Research in textile world industry is always rich in surprises and novelties. The new born from the Elvetic Schoeller Textiles Group is: Energear. Energear is a new technologies fabric suitable for coating of upholstered intended , for the moment , the furnishings ( sofas, chairs, ottoman …. ) able to return the body the energy [ … ]

Home textile 03 Mar 14

springtime 2014 fashion tendence Looking out for what’s new in the fabric world I have met this interesting news about springtime fashion. Who is interested in fashion is starting to look around to see and pick up ideas for spring and what is emerged is that boutique and shops are full of fashion goods tailored [ … ]

Home textile 30 Dec 13
Luminous fabric

Could you imagine what technology is able to create ? Luminous fiber optic decoration. Take a look at this luminous pillows and imagine it in your living room or bedroom for a while. Don’t you think this is great? Don’t you think “ I have to have it now”? Ohh I do. If you imagine [ … ]

Home textile 06 Dec 13
Christmas textile

Sometime I think to go too far because I really would like to change home textile every changing season. I mean every season has its own particular colour, its own appropriate symbols, its own particular atmosphere. Well Christmas is the one wich has the most characteristic icons. Don’t you think so? As you can see [ … ]

Home textile 28 Nov 13
Tex … news

Sometimes research leads in a certain point where someone else has already been and has already started a new direction. Always searching for new technology, new materials someone has met an old tecnique to create a new kind of fabric. Fabric made from the production scrap of milk protein. No chemical substances are used to [ … ]

Home textile 06 Nov 13
Re-usable napkins

That’s really a news. You can have a re-usable napkins in your kitchen now. This clever and coulored roll is made of cotton fabric. You can strap it, use it, wash it and re-use it several times. Or you can throw it away. If you need to organize a children’s party and you don’t like [ … ]