automation 06 Feb 15
Triby, the new…house phone.

Invoxia is a French company that designs, develops and manufactures telecommunications systems. The company’s philosophy is to revise the communication through the creation of high-tech products.   The last-born product is called Triby: it is a review of the landline home phone. It works in conjunction with smartphones using bluetooth and Wi-fi. It is thought [ … ]

automation 12 Jan 15
Ubi and Echo, the ultimate smart computer devices for the family and the house

I could remember an ’80s movie starred by Alberto Sordi (an Italian Famous actor), where he had bought a self moving and human shaped home robot, named ‚Äú Io e Caterina‚ÄĚ, that was able to do all the housecleaning by itself, able to respond to all posed questions and to behave almost like a human [ … ]

automation 24 Nov 14
what about a new idea for Christmas gift?

As you might image,making things with electronics is tough, but LittleBits are an easy way to start building and experimenting in home automation.¬† The LittleBits Smart Home Kit can turn any household object into an internet-connected smart device.¬† What Are littleBits? LittleBits are electronics components that connect together to form larger circuits, exactly as you [ … ]

automation 31 Oct 14

a new life for a smart phone: Here we go again in our home automation coloumn! Ohhh it is really funny to browse looking for home automation news because there are a lot of project in this sector. This week I have chosen a product that just reach its goal in gathering of capital to [ … ]

automation 06 Oct 14
OHEA The intelligent bed

Since long time I dream of having my house tided up in a perfect way. I’m always in a hurry and consequently I’m messy; that’s way one of the last things I do, if I have not enough time, is to make up the bed. I learned that if you have a well made up [ … ]

automation 18 Aug 14
Jibo A new ‚Äúhome assistance device‚ÄĚ

Summertime hot season slows down all Italian activities, besides that, it’s still possible to find fresh news to talk about. Today I’ll be talking about a new futuristic home device. It’s named JIBO. JIBO is an incredible home robot, of about 30 cm height, with astonishing functionality. It will remember your face and name, it [ … ]

automation 17 Jul 14
The SKYDROP sprinkler controller

Together we are discovering new home automation devices that are changing our life. I’ve talked about some fascinating products, like heating system controller TADO, the STIR KINETIC DESK that move with you throughout your day, and today I’ll be talking about another fantastic device: the SKYDROP sprinkler control. SKYDROP is essentially a control unit, that [ … ]

automation 04 Jun 14

intelligent…….service I’m waiting to see something really interesting in the home automation arena. But really can’t see anything really special. One of the few products that grabbed my attention recently, is TADO. Tado is a smart thermostat controlled by a smart-phone app. Beside the remote controlled thermostat, one of the interesting things, is that it [ … ]

automation 15 May 14
A desk that helps you to exercise

Good morning everybody, today is a new day: I’m adding a new paragraph to my website, this will be ‚ÄúHome automation‚ÄĚ. This is a theme that will surprise us in the near future, and will transform the way we live our home. This new devices that work with the human mind are so fascinating.. And [ … ]