Objects 25 Feb 15
a flask for any occasion

Making a gift to a man is often difficult. Finding an eccentric gift is an enterprise. This product for sure will be appreciated and used proudly. We’re speaking of “The Flask” produced by the MACALLAN whiskey distillery in collaboration with Oakley eyewear producer. The bottle is on the market since 2 years, but its tech-design [ … ]

Objects 04 Feb 15
luxury objects for a luxury gifts

You have something really important to celebrate? Sure you do !!! We are close to Valentine’s Day, and for your really important lover, it might be worth to dare for a precious and useful gift this year. And here you go.. It’s a particular instrument, called “Champagne Key”, and is it a… Champagne bottle opener. [ … ]

Objects 09 Jan 15
Pelty: the sound….of fire.

Pure Italian style!!! This wireless device works with bluetooth system to reproduce music. The design is simple, essential and elegant. Made of fine materials: ceramics and glass. But how does Pelty works? Pelty works thanks to a physical process that allows to transform the thermal energy into electricity by a device, whose discovery dates back [ … ]

Objects 09 Dec 14
do you need more space in your home? here it is the perfect solution.

Hands up who among you can say that is not an outstanding idea! I have in mind a couple of my girl friends who would have no problem to fill it up immediately. As I saw the video I was like…… wooooooooow !!!! Unbelievable. I found it brilliant . It seems a simple idea. And [ … ]

Objects 17 Nov 14
upcycled coat rack

Old materials, new story to tell. Very often happens to me to see in pictures, in window’s shop or maybe on TV, something which makes me jump back into the past. And I feel melancholy because I realize that those things have been part of my childhood. I like a lot to have some antiques [ … ]

Objects 20 Oct 14
Bathroom set

What is the first thing you notice entering a bathroom? Well, in my opinion, first of all I notice the cleaning conditions, then I’m lured by what’s inside this room. As all other rooms, accessories are a way to give personality and a “certain” atmosphere to this particular room. Why do I say “particular”? Because [ … ]

Objects 25 Jul 14
Coffee on the go

take your coffee with you I know; today I’m not talking about home decoration, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to share this lovely object with all of you. I love coffee!!! I love it and would like to have it everywhere! Now this is possible!!! With this Hey Joe coffee mug you can brew [ … ]

Objects 11 Jul 14
Ballon Lamp

Wow…..this is amazing, so simple but it hits, guess translate kids’ trend. I think my little daughter would love this lamp, every friends would try to catch it jumping. What a fun!!!! This has being designed by eclectic and surprising Japanese designers team h 220430 that is designing to give objects the chance to communicate. [ … ]

Objects 18 Jun 14
A luxury interior swing

Dear all my friends, I want to share with you this surprising simple object: a swing. Not a normal one; this is a luxury swing. That’s an incredible …. have you ever thought that even a swing could be made of such a astonishing details? A Polish company, named Svvving, made it with extremely high [ … ]

Objects 09 May 14
Mother’s day original ideas

Very often it’s hard to think about something original as a present for a special person. What about the most important person of ones life…….Moms Mom is the one who gives you all her time, care and energy, without complains. Everybody take it for granted!!! For mother’s day celebration, why not try to choose an [ … ]

Objects 23 Jan 14

Enjoying beverages with family and friends is one of the best ways to relax; I love fresh, sparkling lager beer, and I always dreamt to have draught beer at home. And now….. As we know, design and innovation is of paramount importance in HEINEKEN’s history; The famous green bottle from HEINEKEN is where it all [ … ]

Objects 13 Jan 14

Really funny idea this design lamp has been designed right to have a book roof. Clearly created to stay on the night table this nice abat-jour has a house shape and when you stop to read your book you don’t need to have a bookmark or to fold the page. You only have to leave [ … ]

Objects 04 Jan 14
Tree keeper

Well it looks to be a long vacation period but it is already finished. Now everything has to be folded away. Many kind of boxes or bags to store lights, tree decoration set and all Christmas ornaments. But now you can have clever bags available to store everything in a very easy way.You could even [ … ]

Objects 05 Dec 13
For lazy… trays

Gift time. Do you like to know what would be a really nice present for me? Ohhh yes. This you can see in the picture is one of those things that should never be absent in a home. Can you imagine? Sunday morning, nothing to do, you have no desire to come out the bed….. [ … ]

Objects 06 Nov 13
No….more holes

Finally a great idea! Waiting a long time for this magic accessory tha would solve every problem to hang your memories up. I have been amazed by this system because it’s so clever!! Your husband doesn’t want to drill the wall? Here you are!!! this picture rail will give you the chance to hang up [ … ]