Indoor 24 Feb 15
crazy for Pantone Marsala color

20 ideas to decorate with it   PANTONE is an American company that catalogs and produces color identification systems able to translate color code into CMYK printing system. It is an internationally recognized system adopted since 1950. Every year this company chooses the color trends for the following years. For the year 2015 the color [ … ]

Indoor 30 Jan 15
dream bedroom in the old attic

It befalls, sometimes, that we could be in the need of restructuring or reorganize the house, maybe we need to have another room available for the arrival of a baby, or because we need to create an extra dedicated room to be used as a laundry or home office.   In this phase of reorganization, [ … ]

Indoor 07 Jan 15
living (and sharing the desk) with the cat

Here we are, back to the daily routine. Epiphany kept his word, and so it flies away bringing with it the holidays and the good moments lived with them. It’s always hard to start working again if it has been possible to enjoy a good rest, anyway restarting the daily routine it is not so [ … ]

Indoor 31 Dec 14

May this new year all of your dreams turn into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.      

Indoor 24 Dec 14

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year from Homecuriosity. I’ll be back on January 7th.

Indoor 12 Dec 14
mountain dream chalet

Warm feeling in the snow. It is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted the warmth, the comfort and cosiness of fire and wood, looking for the romantic and snug atmosphere of a mountain chalet. I found it in these pictures that, before I knew where they came from, have delivered me all these [ … ]

Indoor 21 Nov 14
christmas dining room

Choose your preferred one.   Hallo my friends, today I’m writing some news about interiors. As you know I like a lot to take care of my dining room and these days, all of a sudden, I realized that there are only 34 days to Christmas. To me it seems impossible. Here were I live, [ … ]

Indoor 30 Oct 14

In the design of an house or an apartment, a very delicate phase that requires thoroughly attention is the design of lighting . We must carefully analyze a lot of aspects, as : Is the room well-lighted by sunlight? What are the main activities that take place in this room? What point of the room [ … ]

Indoor 13 Sep 14
New suede paint from Haute Couture world

luxurious wall finish If you are close to change your home’s look, you have to think carefully which parts needed to be changed. Sometimes happens that you feel unsatisfied about some aspect of your home, but you do not really know what is going wrong with it. Did you think about the walls? Maybe it [ … ]

Indoor 01 Aug 14
Talking about Wonderful Kitchens

Of the whole house, my favorite room is the Kitchen. That’s my room! That’s really representative of me. To me, the kitchen has to be a warm and welcoming room, ’cause it is the place where I spend the most of the time when I’m home. In the morning, as I wake up, I like [ … ]

Indoor 14 Jul 14
Colors can renovate.

Sometimes it happen that you feel bored by your home. Something looks used and expecially in summer season many of us feel the necessity to give light and colors to all that thing wich has a melancholy looks. They taste of winter Summer could be the best period to take care of your home. You [ … ]

Indoor 24 Jun 14

impressive furniture pieces Imagination? What is this? Does anybody have the same kind of imagination? Could imagination have so many different interpretation? Oh yes! As I saw these tables I told myself that there is no limit to the aesthetic taste. I would never have one of these tables in my dining room and hope [ … ]

Indoor 12 May 14
(Ita) Dal Design, calore raffinato.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Ita.

Indoor 01 Apr 14

When you have to think to create a kids room suddenly you think to something fantastic that will amaze your children. Yes this is important but is more important to think about something that will last for a long time. Children grow older…. and their tastes also! So you cannot think about to change the [ … ]

Indoor 05 Feb 14
Star trek Chair

Beauty and Elegance of this chair struck me. The power of photography can bring out, enhance something that otherwise you couldn’t perceive. I was looking at this piece and i was wondering why iI liked it so much. Than I looked for the factory wich produce it and everything has assumed significance. Despite the name [ … ]