DIY 20 Feb 15
polka dot diy mug

a relaxing chore for the weekend Are you planning to spend a weekend full of: “I will not put my nose outside the house even for a minute” You want to relax dedicating your free time doing something creative and enjoyable? Look at what I’ve found for you. It so cute. I liked it because [ … ]

DIY 17 Jan 15
5 ideas to re-use plastic cutlery

It’s really complicated to write piece for this column. The amount of ideas is so extended and interesting that it’s hard to choose just one among a multitude. Follow this column and one after another I’ll show you a lot of little DIY works. Today I found myself be captured by an extremely creative idea [ … ]

DIY 19 Dec 14
5 steps and the snowman is a….. DIY idea!

That’s so pretty, don’t you think? I thought immediately that it could become a placeholder, a tree decoration or … just an ornamental object to be placed here and there to remind us that it is Christmas time. Waiting for Christmas is always so exciting.   Lets see what we need to build it:   [ … ]

DIY 28 Nov 14
diy: Christmas tree decoration

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DIY 27 Oct 14
Pumpkin drink cooler

Super funny and clever idea. Are you organizing a party for Halloween night? Do you already know how to keep the beer cool? Let’s follow this few and simple indication to create a nice and themed bottle cooler. You will need: 1 big pumpkin 1 big transparent glass or plexiglass cup 1 knife Let’s start [ … ]

DIY 23 Sep 14
Herbs…time to grow your own

5 action to have your greenhouse Culinary herbs are used to give flavor rather than substance to food. Sometimes using little amount of it, you can change completely a recipe. That’s why it is important to use it, but buying it at the market sometimes means that after using a little amount of it the [ … ]

DIY 08 Aug 14
A summer DIY swing idea

An easy to made swing that allows you to live nice relaxing moments, like reading a book or taking a nap together with someone you like. I like a lot these DIY works using pallets because this is an easy to find material, and give you the opportunity to invent things and a lot of [ … ]

DIY 18 Jul 14
Tyre, use it again

-9 steps to recycle it- There are so many ideas on the web but last cutting edge is “Tyre recycle”. This is a really smart idea, since millions of tyres are left annually in many plots waiting for disposal. A lot of people who own little pieces of land, have for sure some tyre in [ … ]

DIY 06 Jun 14

easy, cheap and comfortable Do you have an outdoor space but you realize you don’t have a place where you can relax? Make it!!! It is so easy to realize and cheap. Here you are what you will need to built it: 12 cinderblocks; 4 thick wood board (decide the length you need); cement, concrete [ … ]

DIY 16 May 14

Today is the day I want dedicate to DIY works. I want to show you this funny, easy and cheap way to build an article that everybody can do. INGREDIENTS: 1 empty tuna-fish can wood clothespins (25-30 approx) First you need to wash the tuna-fish can and thereafter start “pinning” the clothespins around the can. [ … ]

DIY 14 Apr 14
Easter flower pot idea

Easter is really close. Just wait two weeks and Easter Day will knock on your door. Welcome Springtime Holy day with colors and glee. What is better than flowers to do that? So let’s create a wood flower pot that you can use both in your garden and in your Easter table. But you can [ … ]

DIY 12 Mar 14

Anyone of us has at home various kind of plastic bottle. The one we are interested in are milk or juce bottle. If you cut these in the right way you can get a smart storage for many odds and ends you have at home. Especially in your kids room!!! You can use it in [ … ]

DIY 02 Jan 14
Party ideas

So simple and so clever at the same time. I guess everybody experienced at least one time: “where to put the used toothpicks when you are in a middle af a buffet party?” Most of the time you take an olive with the toothpick and there is not a bin where to put it after [ … ]

DIY 28 Nov 13
Thousend lives of mason-jars

I guess many of you are already thinking about Christmas gift. Me too! Believe me when I say that every year, I ask myself what could be a nice and different present for my friends. Here we go! These are really great ideas to realize by yourself without spending a fortune. Everybody knows mason-jars. Useful, [ … ]

DIY 28 Nov 13
Pon-Pon elegance

If you like to welcome people at your place, give them a friendliness treatment and let them feel your delight to have them with you, this could be the occasion to prepare something special like this PonPon A touch of elegance and romanticism is given to the table by this pon pon flower. It looks [ … ]