Ecodesign 18 Feb 15
the Salt Restaurant

an ecodesign amazing building As in a fairy tale, when I saw these pictures I felt like in a world of magic and dream. Sinuous white shapes that remind me the clouds layer you can see sometimes when flying by plane. Almost wadding, something soft and enveloping. Another image that comes immediately to my mind [ … ]

Ecodesign 28 Jan 15
forniture from seaweed

The need to preserve the planet and avoid the consumption of the now scarce raw materials and, on the contrary, the growing amount of waste products that invade landfills, have stimulated the desire and the talent of creative minds who work in the research of new materials made from our own waste. Today I want [ … ]

Ecodesign 16 Dec 14
6 steps to top level ecodesign accessories.

Really classy gift. Who knows the ecological attitudes of Markus Freitag, should know that their beautiful handbags are created from a strange raw material consisting of tarps that serve as a coverage for trucks. How they say in this company, these materials are re-contextualised and targeted for the production of high-quality handbags. Let’s see then [ … ]

Ecodesign 01 Dec 14
eco-glass products from glass waste materials

The fields of application of eco design are numerous, although they are all based on some fundamental principles involving: use of sustainable materials, a design project based on product recycling, energy saving and product durability. Diana Simpson Hernandez, founder in 2009 of Golondrina Design, a platform for the study, research and development of new methodologies [ … ]

Ecodesign 05 Nov 14
PropLamp. Two minds one beautiful product!

It’s really true “There is strength in numbers..”!!! As for this product, you can see that joining together: energy, willingness, knowledge and ambition, as a result you have an extremely interesting good.   Proplamp, we really say, encloses this concept. It’s born from the examination made by its creator, the designer Margje Teewuen, of the [ … ]

Ecodesign 08 Oct 14
Re-play. Re-invent with recycled materials

Hallo everybody autumn is knocking at the door and a lot of news is coming with it. Take a look at this object!!! Curios, isn’t it? It could be whatever you like: a chair, a rocking chair for your children or a piece of modern furniture, also. This is so nice and funny to deserve [ … ]

Ecodesign 28 Aug 14
Bio cooler

A basically quiet simple idea. It’s really true: necessity is the mother of invention. Bio cooler is a new fridge that can work with no need of gas and electricity, just using natural power. It works using the natural effect of water evaporation and a built in mirror system. As you can see on the [ … ]

Ecodesign 30 Jun 14
R Chair

The juice of minimalism Since I started this blog I have found many sites, news and articles that talk about ECODESIGN. It’s nice to see that there are many ways to approach this concept. Browsing the internet on this subject, a web page grabbed my attention. It’s the one of a 25 year old French [ … ]

Ecodesign 10 Jun 14
Sustainable roof tops

With this article I wish to give you this brilliant and sustainable idea made of glass. Glass Tiles !! This tiles allows the sun light to travel trough it, heating a built in solar water heater or photovoltaic energy generator positioned in the roof structure. A perfect aesthetic solution. Now, instead of positioning those ugly [ … ]

Ecodesign 27 May 14
Back to…the future

Would you like to have your own kitchen garden? Do you like to cook and have always fresh vegetables on your table? Now you can! A group of designer and engineers have studied and created an easy system that only needs direct sunlight. Even if you live in urban area, or do not have enough [ … ]

Ecodesign 19 May 14

Usually when you think of ecofriendly articles, you image products that are not well crafted; they are essentially “basic” on the details; and as they are made with rough materials, usually they don’t look nice. How come there aren’t products little bit more “fashionable”? Thanks to architect and industrial designer Giorgio Caporaso, we have had [ … ]

Ecodesign 27 Mar 14
Mushroom Lamp?

Biodegradable design light A brilliant idea!!! A natural, renewable and completely biodegradable lamp. When you look around yourself in the city streets, you notice that almost everything is made of plastic. This is exactly what Danielle Trofe has done. Danielle Trofe, an American designer, thought that there would be another way to build products using [ … ]

Ecodesign 28 Feb 14

when ecodesign becomes art It’s surprising what designer are able to realize using “strange” materials. If you take a look at this chandelier immediately you wonder yourself: “What is made of ?” Good question. Jessie Shaw, an English designer, has realized this chandelier using bloomed willow. Curios, isn’t it? Using new materials is exactly her [ … ]

Ecodesign 02 Jan 14
Extraordinary effect

It’s unbelivable!!!! Do you know plastic ballpoint pens? The same pens we are using for thirthy years and more? Well watch carefully at this chandelier. Volivik lamp.Yeah it is made by plastic ballpoint pens !!! Needs of take care of our planet, don’t waste energy and don’t produce more refuse leads some clever mind to [ … ]

Ecodesign 20 Dec 13
Green tecnology

In our houses,  decorating and tecnology sometimes dont mix toghether. I always find tecnology hardware not very nice to be seen in the living rooms as well as in other parts of the house. Tecnological wiring, alert lights, and switches are  now an integral part of our living spaces. I wanted   to hide this things, [ … ]