Decoration 02 Mar 15
decore your home to celebrate and create joy

In view of Father’s Day I was thinking about the decoration of the dining table and the house in general, to create joy, freshness and … feast. Over the internet there are many manufacturers and retailers, each with its own line of products and styles. I have been captured by the colors and objects proposed [ … ]

Decoration 11 Feb 15
10 tips for a last minute unforgetable Valentine’s Day

I do not know if it is the same thing for you, but this day bring me back with memories to long time ago when Valentine’s Day was an opportunity to declare a secret love for someone or to realize an untold love with some symbolic gift. Adolescent experiences. Looking for a gift to buy [ … ]

Decoration 23 Jan 15
inspiring decoration solutions for every room.

I think and think back about the meaning of the verb “to decorate”. The meaning can be interpreted in a thousand different ways, but in any case it means to make a change so things get more beautiful, giving character and personality that change things in a better and unique look. I would add that [ … ]

Decoration 05 Dec 14
red and gold to celebrate Christmas

Any Christmas decorations are able to give the environment in which it is set up, an air of celebration and joy, but I agree with many claiming that the colors that “make” a quintessential Christmas are red and gold. Maybe I sound too traditional, but I really believe that these are the only colors that [ … ]

Decoration 22 Oct 14
Halloween home décor

As Halloween festivity is approaching it comes immediately to my mind that it’s almost 1 year that Homecuriosity is on line. So I decided to dedicate some lines to this holiday, whose origins are Anglo -Saxon, and is more and more becoming part of the cultural mores of all the countries around the world . [ … ]

Decoration 17 Sep 14
3D printing

new trailblazing technologies Hanging around Milan during my short vacation period, I was walking along Via Morosini to get finally in Via Fiamma, a nice street rich of early twentieth century dressy buildings, I bumped in to a really interesting shop. 3DITALY!!! Suddenly I entered this interesting shop to see what was it about. Fantastic!!! [ … ]

Decoration 28 Jul 14
Special Kid’s room

fantastic world to play Well I accept that! I have a strong passion for particulars kid’s room. Last time Decoration section was about kid’s room as well. I like these way to furnish and decorate kid’s room, because in my opinion every kid should have the chance to have a place to enhance their imagination, [ … ]

Decoration 20 Jun 14

change your home’s look Hello everybody. About decoration today. We often use this word, but do we know exacyly the sense of it! Decoration comes from “decorus” a latin word, that means: wonderful, elegant. We should always remember about the original meaning of this word, as usually when we garnish or adorn, people exaggerate and [ … ]

Decoration 01 Jun 14
A wedding on the beach

Thinking about decoration, I’ve found myself snooping things that reminded me sea and summertime. I wanted to image how to decorate a home near the sea… and I found a fantastic and wonderful picture that immediately grabbed my attention. This picture, that I want to share with you, is about a wedding… a wedding on [ … ]

Decoration 24 Mar 14
Balcony decoration ideas

little spot, big relax Welcome Springtime! Finally day will be longer, light will play along with us all day long, sun will start to warm up every day a little more than the day before: Flowers are starting to bloom and give color to our days. So it’s time to organize your outdoor spaces. You [ … ]

Decoration 14 Mar 14
ST. Patrick day

Even if St. Patrick celebration day is not really well known in Italy and other european countries in the last years a lot of city are organizing celebration party. I guess that many Irish origin people are living in all Europe and they will meet each other to celebrate this day. On March the 17th. [ … ]

Decoration 21 Feb 14

Some trick to modernize Springtime is approaching and we need light and brightness. When sun is starting to shine more often and days are getting longer we feel our energy growing up. You feel like being a new one And if you feel a brend new person you really need to replace and update almost [ … ]

Decoration 11 Feb 14
Decorate wall with pictures.

Pictures my love… history. I’m dreaming about realize with pictures history of me and my family in my bedroom. Realize a panel where pictures from all our lifes talk about us from the past on…… Well when I saw this idea I felt immediatly understand. Yes .Because when I saw this I knew that someone [ … ]

Decoration 21 Jan 14
Decorate with flower

Colors, freshness,brillance, nature and again tenderness,vitality and energy. This is my feeling looking at these flowers. Long time ago I was speaking with a friend of mine about how much I would love to have flowers at home every day and she told me that in her country (Holland) and in all norther part of [ … ]

Decoration 09 Dec 13
Edible cup

When we have parties with friends, we usually have to choose between serving drinks in glass, plastic or paper cups. But this options somentimes are bothersome. Especially when you think you have to wash or dispose it. Why not use a cup that can be eaten at the end of your party?? Would it be [ … ]