Outdoor 27 Feb 15
enjoy your luxurious outdoor fireplace

On cold winter days you cannot spend much time outdoor, even with clear sky becomes difficult to enjoy the garden and the backyard. To overcome this temperature problem, today I want to share with you this product that will give you the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor spaces even in these hard chilly days. Bonfire [ … ]

Outdoor 09 Feb 15
renovate and decorate your outdoor wall thanks to Moss Graffiti

Often the walls that face north on our gardens get lot of humidity, that can cause not so nice looking mould and moss. So why not use these north faces to make this walls look different decorating it in a total different and innovative ways. Moss Graffiti is a recent trend of street art, that [ … ]

Outdoor 14 Jan 15
the perfect oven for a perfect pizza

As I think about pizza I suddenly feel hungry, I love so much it that I could eat pizza almost daily.   Have you ever tried to make your own pizza in a brick wood oven? It’s not so easy. You first need to make a good dough; then mix the right toppings, and, at [ … ]

Outdoor 27 Nov 14
5 ideas to decorate outdoor for Christmas

The advent time will begin next Sunday; this “four weeks to Christmas” is a period that will give us the possibility to prepare the way for this wonderful holiday . It ‘s a magical waiting time for children, to whom it is a time of promise (be good otherwise Santa will not come) and hope [ … ]

Outdoor 10 Oct 14
Outdoor living and decoration ideas

During summertime I like to spend a lot of my evening time taking care of my garden, decorate it and make of this place a pleasant place to stay, while in the early morning I like to walk along the beach to collect shells and little rocks and with them, I try to build and [ … ]

Outdoor 21 Jul 14

it makes you feel to be in TUNISIA

Outdoor 07 Jul 14

Luxury and technology Have you already seen this gorgeous table? It became so famous on the web this days, that I could not stay still from sharing this news. It gave me hard work to find the source of the news but finally I could make it. First of all, it’s a “superior quality” product. [ … ]

Outdoor 13 Jun 14
Beach station

Relax under the sun As I saw this image I told myself:” This would be my summer time “beach station set” “. Beach umbrella, beach chair, hat, iced drinks, books, magazines and whatever I could need is there. Right beside me. I won’t move anymore. Just relax. Just stay and let your body and mind [ … ]

Outdoor 24 May 14

Innovative outdoor forniture Here comes the sun. Few days to summertime, and we are starting to organize outdoor spaces, and live our daily routines “plein air”. Relaxing after an hard working day, welcoming friends, sharing weekends with the family, this and other things could finally be done outside. Let’s start thinking how to organize the [ … ]

Outdoor 07 Apr 14
Your backyard….a little forest frame.

As I saw this picture I have been immediately attracted by the fascinating and magic atmosphere that this place own. The Idea to seat under leafy branch romantically with my husband or relaxing with some friends and children that could run around in the nature, gives me a peacefully sensation. There are a couple of [ … ]

Outdoor 05 Dec 13
Winter outdoor living

Fall and then… winter time. Everything changes and all our attention is on the indoor spaces, and while we’re shutting the windows we dream up about the long gone nice summer days we have had outdoor . It’s a pity! Could be great enjoing that outdoor spaces during the winter too. I was just dreaming [ … ]

Outdoor 06 Nov 13
Comfortable tiny outdoor spaces

Laying on a comfortable chair or sofĂ  while you are feeling fresh hair on your face it’s a big pleasure. This pleasure is not only for those people who have a big patio or a big porch out of his house. Even if you have a little space such as a balcony you can create [ … ]