Home Accessories 23 Dec 14
pumkin lamp

Among the products and interesting items that I appreciated at the Christmas Fair 2014 in my town, I focused once again on an article that I known well and already bought few times for its nice characteristics.   Sure not everybody will like it, but I am always fascinated by the magic atmosphere that it [ … ]

Home Accessories 02 Jul 14
Jewels store

Very often I have asked myself where other people store their jewelry. I have a lot of boxes and many pieces are all around. Yes I’m little untidy, but now I know that most of the girls have a similar problem. I mean, when you are in a hurry or, maybe, you are undressing yourself [ … ]

Home Accessories 27 Dec 13
Rocking chair

Do you still don’t know what to give as a gift for Christmas? Take a look at this colored rocking chair!!! I will appreciate this gift for sure. This particular rocking chair is made by a material that can be used either outdoor or indoor. So you can almost have two rocking chair. It looks [ … ]

Home Accessories 20 Dec 13

I saw this object in a shop and it looks great. It completely catched my eyes! Smooth and warm , colorfull and solid I’ve try to seat on it and it was comfortable as well. It looks like to be knitted fabric. As I ask for news about it and I knew that this nice [ … ]

Home Accessories 18 Dec 13
Wireless Amplifier

My smartphone an tablet have nice built-in speakers but are not so powerful. I would like to listen to my music at loud volume but not always I have an amplifier near by or don’t have a eletricity plug in the vicinity. Thanks to HOUD, a company from Bogotà, Colombia, I’m able to listen music [ … ]

Home Accessories 16 Dec 13
Hanging Chair

What do you think about this chair? The levitation effect is astonishing.. Roberto Paoli, Italian designer from Milano, have made wonderful product in his career. This one will give to your living room an amazing “wow”effect, that all your friends will talk about. The chair frame is made of tubular metal and poli-carbonate, the backrest [ … ]

Home Accessories 16 Dec 13
Transforming Coffee table

We have seen lots of transforming furniture to solve space problems in our apartments. And, if you live in a small apartment, you might find yourself choosing between a coffee table or a dining one. Instead of choosing which one to buy, why not take both…!!! This table, can be transformed in two simple steps [ … ]

Home Accessories 13 Dec 13
Vela Lamp

Joe VanFaasen, a Twisthink designer based in Michigan,USA, have designed a useful led lamp that can be used outdoor, during camping, in your porch, as well as indoor in your chidren bedroom. The classical camping lamp (Coleman kerosene) are beautiful and efficent, but can be fire hazardous. This lamp will be the perfect solution, and [ … ]

Home Accessories 06 Dec 13
Iluminated canvas

Believe me when I say that is a really lovely idea. First time I saw this I could not belive what I was looking at. I felt immediatly a warm sensation, somtehing that was moving me inside. Something comforting me. This illuminated canvas gives you the chance to decorate your ambience during the day and [ … ]