a flask for any occasion

Making a gift to a man is often difficult. Finding an eccentric gift is an enterprise.

This product for sure will be appreciated and used proudly.

We’re speaking of ā€œThe Flaskā€ produced by the MACALLAN whiskey distillery in collaboration with Oakley eyewear producer.

The bottle is on the market since 2 years, but its tech-design will be an icon for several years.

It was built to challenge any extreme condition, using aerospace grade aluminum, carbon fiber, and for the interior, food grade steel. Top components for a product with no compromise.

As you see it, you understand the extreme care with which it was made and the quality of each detail.

In the video presentation it is dragged from a sports car, thrown down from the helicopter, and after being scrambled, the bottle is always like new; It could be used safely by James Bond or ready for a new Mission Impossible.

They didn’t want to create an indestructible product or a luxury one, but rather an innovative designproduct, with each element having a specific function, and so it was.

The packaging in limited number (only 400 boxes) containing a bottle of Macallan special produced whiskey for the occasion, and a steel container box of gorgeous design, together with the Flask, maybe bought at 1500 $ (if you can find it yet).

But if you want to buy only the Flask will cost you only 850 $.

Maybe it’s a little bit expensive, but you’ll be sure to give a good impression!!



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