forniture from seaweed

The need to preserve the planet and avoid the consumption of the now scarce raw materials and, on the contrary, the growing amount of waste products that invade landfills, have stimulated the desire and the talent of creative minds who work in the research of new materials made from our own waste.

Today I want to discover with you a material obtained from the organic scrap of seaweed left by the sea on the Scandinavian an Denmark coasts. The Denmark coastlines stretches over 8000 km and the deposit of seaweed on the beaches is huge enough to create a problem: where to place them?

Thus, the need to clean up the beaches and eliminate this seaweeds waste, led to the idea of researching and develop it as a new material.

From the collaboration between Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfalt two designers graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, a brand new material, created from algae and paper was born.

The algae are dried, crushed along with the paper and cooked up.

During the cooking phase, the seaweeds deliver a polymer (named alginate) that acts as a glue and allows it to become a mix, that they named Impasto (dough), which is a malleable material without the addition of other substances.

It has been a successful experiment!

The result is an extremely light material, resistible and durable comparable to cork, with a pleasant touch feeling. The color tones varies depending on the color of the algae in more quantity present in the composition, indeed the algae colors range from dark brown to light green, which subsequently give to this new material a color in between.

The designers have thus created the first line of furniture pieces called “Terroir”, as they wanted with this name give honor to the territory and territoriality of this “all Danish” product.

These two guys have created a really cool material, that will enable the country to boast a unique and sustainable product, which can be recycled and used again as compost when no longer needed.

It’s appropriate to say: give praise where praise is due !!!






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