Decoration 02 Mar 15
decore your home to celebrate and create joy

In view of Father’s Day I was thinking about the decoration of the dining table and the house in general, to create joy, freshness and … feast. Over the internet there are many manufacturers and retailers, each with its own line of products and styles. I have been captured by the colors and objects proposed [ … ]

Outdoor 27 Feb 15
enjoy your luxurious outdoor fireplace

On cold winter days you cannot spend much time outdoor, even with clear sky becomes difficult to enjoy the garden and the backyard. To overcome this temperature problem, today I want to share with you this product that will give you the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor spaces even in these hard chilly days. Bonfire [ … ]

Objects 25 Feb 15
a flask for any occasion

Making a gift to a man is often difficult. Finding an eccentric gift is an enterprise. This product for sure will be appreciated and used proudly. We’re speaking of “The Flask” produced by the MACALLAN whiskey distillery in collaboration with Oakley eyewear producer. The bottle is on the market since 2 years, but its tech-design [ … ]

Indoor 24 Feb 15
crazy for Pantone Marsala color

20 ideas to decorate with it   PANTONE is an American company that catalogs and produces color identification systems able to translate color code into CMYK printing system. It is an internationally recognized system adopted since 1950. Every year this company chooses the color trends for the following years. For the year 2015 the color [ … ]

DIY 20 Feb 15
polka dot diy mug

a relaxing chore for the weekend Are you planning to spend a weekend full of: “I will not put my nose outside the house even for a minute” You want to relax dedicating your free time doing something creative and enjoyable? Look at what I’ve found for you. It so cute. I liked it because [ … ]

Ecodesign 18 Feb 15
the Salt Restaurant

an ecodesign amazing building As in a fairy tale, when I saw these pictures I felt like in a world of magic and dream. Sinuous white shapes that remind me the clouds layer you can see sometimes when flying by plane. Almost wadding, something soft and enveloping. Another image that comes immediately to my mind [ … ]

Home textile 16 Feb 15
Rosae: a new natural ecological wallpaper

Finding out a good idea is not easy. I believe the right idea is the one that captures your attention, that fascinates, that makes you stop, look, and savor it. You do not have to appreciate it necessarily, but if it strikes and appeal …well, that’s the one! Therefore my today’s proposal for “home fabrics/materials” [ … ]

Designer 13 Feb 15

Today I want to talk to you about a young Spanish designer, ANDREU CARULLA. Andreu Carulla, was born in 1979 in Banyoles (Spain), as a kid he wanted to be an inventor and wished to create objects. In 2002 he graduated in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic University of Girona. After gaining experience in different [ … ]

Decoration 11 Feb 15
10 tips for a last minute unforgetable Valentine’s Day

I do not know if it is the same thing for you, but this day bring me back with memories to long time ago when Valentine’s Day was an opportunity to declare a secret love for someone or to realize an untold love with some symbolic gift. Adolescent experiences. Looking for a gift to buy [ … ]

Outdoor 09 Feb 15
renovate and decorate your outdoor wall thanks to Moss Graffiti

Often the walls that face north on our gardens get lot of humidity, that can cause not so nice looking mould and moss. So why not use these north faces to make this walls look different decorating it in a total different and innovative ways. Moss Graffiti is a recent trend of street art, that [ … ]

automation 06 Feb 15
Triby, the new…house phone.

Invoxia is a French company that designs, develops and manufactures telecommunications systems. The company’s philosophy is to revise the communication through the creation of high-tech products.   The last-born product is called Triby: it is a review of the landline home phone. It works in conjunction with smartphones using bluetooth and Wi-fi. It is thought [ … ]

Objects 04 Feb 15
luxury objects for a luxury gifts

You have something really important to celebrate? Sure you do !!! We are close to Valentine’s Day, and for your really important lover, it might be worth to dare for a precious and useful gift this year. And here you go.. It’s a particular instrument, called “Champagne Key”, and is it a… Champagne bottle opener. [ … ]

Indoor 30 Jan 15
dream bedroom in the old attic

It befalls, sometimes, that we could be in the need of restructuring or reorganize the house, maybe we need to have another room available for the arrival of a baby, or because we need to create an extra dedicated room to be used as a laundry or home office.   In this phase of reorganization, [ … ]

Ecodesign 28 Jan 15
forniture from seaweed

The need to preserve the planet and avoid the consumption of the now scarce raw materials and, on the contrary, the growing amount of waste products that invade landfills, have stimulated the desire and the talent of creative minds who work in the research of new materials made from our own waste. Today I want [ … ]

Decoration 23 Jan 15
inspiring decoration solutions for every room.

I think and think back about the meaning of the verb “to decorate”. The meaning can be interpreted in a thousand different ways, but in any case it means to make a change so things get more beautiful, giving character and personality that change things in a better and unique look. I would add that [ … ]