5 steps and the snowman is a….. DIY idea!

That’s so pretty, don’t you think? I thought immediately that it could become a placeholder, a tree decoration or … just an ornamental object to be placed here and there to remind us that it is Christmas time.

Waiting for Christmas is always so exciting.


Lets see what we need to build it:


  • white tubular socks, half or long tubular type ;
  • some colored button or sequins (2 for each one) and some bead (3 for each one) depending on how many puppets you want to make
  • elastics or kitchen twine;
  • a piece of colored fabric,
  • cereals, rice or cotton wool to fill up the puppet.



Have you got everything?


We Proceed:


  1. first cut the sock in two pieces, at the ankle height, so that you will get to completely separated parts: the foot and the leg; store momentarily the foot side part. Sew and close a portion of the sock and then reverse it.
  2. fill this “bag” with rice or legumes and leave a margin of fabric that will allow, then, to close the “bag” on the opposite side.
  3. With the twine or wool, sew to close the final part of the sock, then create a narrowing at an eight of 1/3 of the sock, so to form the two “snow balls”, one small that will be the head and a larger one that will be the body.Once you end up building the snowman, lets work purely on the decorative phase.
  4. sew the two buttons of the “waistcoat” on thickest part; Sew the beads to make the eyes and nose of the snowman.
  5. With the colored fabric cut up a strip to make the scarf and, with the remaining part of the socks make the hat.


Here is ready Mr. Chilblains.

This is really a work to be done with the active collaboration of a child.

It’s an easy work, apart from attaching buttons and beads. Within half an hour my daughters have made 4 snowmen: the whole Chilblains family, and in 15 minutes I attached buttons and beads. The decorative result is guaranteed!!!

Well, what are you waiting for? Lets work on, Christmas is around the corner … just 5 days to gooooo…….



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