5 ideas to re-use plastic cutlery

It’s really complicated to write piece for this column. The amount of ideas is so extended and interesting that it’s hard to choose just one among a multitude. Follow this column and one after another I’ll show you a lot of little DIY works.

Today I found myself be captured by an extremely creative idea that can have many implementation: to recycle plastic cutlery.

Why this topic has grabbed my attention?

Well, I’m a very aware person about the environment, and careful about waste. When I attend or organize small parties I do not tolerate such a large amount of plastic being used and thrown away. It annoys me so much. I’m almost tempted to put everything in the dishwasher and use it again.

But this is not so healthy. Have a look at this (news.wisc.edu ).

Then should I just throw everything away?

Nooooo!!!! they can have a second chance, look at this pictures. Here are some beautiful hints that can inspire you.

They are so simple, intuitive and, in my opinion, very impressive.

Chandeliers, clocks, decorative items to hang on the wall. Really creative solutions.

Choose the one you like more.

Of course you need a little patience to build it, but … the effect is guaranteed!

Come on!!! Let’s try, and if you can, please, share your experience… Have fun!




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