crazy for Pantone Marsala color

20 ideas to decorate with it


PANTONE is an American company that catalogs and produces color identification systems able to translate color code into CMYK printing system. It is an internationally recognized system adopted since 1950.

Every year this company chooses the color trends for the following years.

For the year 2015 the color chosen is: Marsala n┬░ 18-1438.


Its name is inspired by the color of Marsala; a typical liquor wine of Sicily in Italy.


I like this color very much and I also like the idea of creating a small gallery of pictures that you can look at and “steal” off on it some inspiration to renovate your home.

Let’s start this short pitch on colors, talking of the convivial areas of the house: living room, drawing room, and dining rooms, places where guests are welcomed and where, in my opinion, this color is suitable for;

I find it elegant, formal and austere, in fact it vaguely resembles me the colors used in the “old” noble houses, where the walls were covered with red upholstery; a color that for a formal meeting was the symbol of strength and power, while for rendezvous between old friends, was representative of warmth and love.


Nowadays upholstery and drapes are no longer used that much, but rather, touches of color made by accessories and single pieces of furniture are used; it can create spots around which the rest of the furniture and decoration of a room revolves, or, conversely, disrupt the basic schemes, making sharps contrast that create distinctive environments.


Switching to bedrooms, Marsala color can create an intimate atmosphere, perfect to make a warm and sensual love nest; used in child bedroom it makes it cheerful and full of energy.


Beside if used in kitchens and bathrooms, this color creates a chic Baroque atmosphere that is somehow very trendy

Looking at these images there are very different decorative choices: someone bets on a “full color”solution, someone chooses a piece of furniture that gives a new tone to the environment, someone else still goes directly to whole colorful accessories.

I personally prefer to choose the last one, a unique color for the accessories to decorate a room.

With the accessories you can play, change, give new life to the house, with no need of big investments, especially in vital energy… They finish the room with the advantage of being easily supplanted by other accessories when the changing tastes of fashions dictate it.


Now choose your own style and play with the colors!!


All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites. Marc Chagall




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